Ripe Black Olives

Ripe Black Olives

With a choice, very mild flavor, and meaty, high-quality flesh, GOYA® Ripe Black Olives are carefully selected, complying with rigorous specifications which differentiate them from other olives on the market. This juicy fruit will entice even the most discerning consumers due to its irresistible appearance and firm texture.

  • Container: Available in easy-open tin cans and glass jars.
  • Country of origin: Spain
Tasting and food pairings


An excellent ingredient to add to salads, cold dishes, seasoned potatoes, pizzas, Russian salad, as well as a healthy appetizer and decorative element for providing recipes with a touch of color.

The presentation of GOYA® Sliced Ripe Black Olives is very convenient for adding to chicken soups or fish stews (hake, cod), and they highlight the flavors in these dishes as well as in Latin American cuisine -in tacos, enchiladas, rice-.

  • AppetizersAppetizers
  • PizzasPizzas
  • Salads and DressingsSalads and Dressings
  • VegetablesVegetables


Their preparation process involves accelerated oxidation, following the method called: “California-Style”, in order to achieve a ripe black olive with a softer shade on the inside and a more intense, darker, and completely homogeneous shade on its exterior. This is also how we get the olives to lose bitterness for a wider range of use.

You will find our GOYA® Ripe Black Olives in three size variations, according to different uses and preferences, and these same olives are also offered sliced. Black olives contain polyphenol antioxidants which facilitate the lowering of cholesterol, and have anti-carcinogenic properties.

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