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Recognitions and Awards

Goya Spain has the following International Awards:

iberoelum 2018IberOleum 2020. IberOleum, Extra Virgin Spanish Olive Oil Guide recognizes  in its edition 2020 Goya Unico Extra Virgin Olive Oil as the best coupage in Spain. In its edition 2019 Goya Organics Extra Virgin Olive Oil was the best coupage in Spain and Top 25 spanish extra virgin olive oils. In 2018 “Organics” was recognized  as the 2nd best extra virgin olive oil in the Spain and  Único, in the 13th place. In the 2017 edition both olive oils were among the 100 best national extra virgin olive oils.


World Best Olive OilsWorld’s Best Olive Oil. In 2018 “Organics” Extra Virgin Olive Oil and  Unico Extra Virgin Olive Oil were included in this ranking. Goya Spain factory in Seville is ranked 5th in the organic EVOO companies and 7th in the general classification of extra virgin olive oil companies.


WREVOOAfter being recognized in 2017 as Olive Oil of the year, in 2018, Unico Extra Virgin Olive Oil reached the Top 5 of the year’s EVOOs, while Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil was ranked in the Top 10 worldwide. For its part, the factory of Goya Spain in Seville is among the ten best companies producing extra virgin olive oil.


logo cuisine kingdon

Cuisine Kingdom. This prestigious Japanese magazine is specialized in gastronomy. In the year 2016 Extra Virgin Olive Oil has been rated as one of the 100 best food products available in the Japanese market.



Consumer Reports Rated Best Buy. In 2008 Goya Spain appeared in the magazine of this independent, non-profit organisation which works hand in hand with consumers to create a healthier world.


Likewise, Goya Spain appeared in 2010 in the Consumer Advocacy “Rated Best” magazine and declared “Best Reviewed” by Consumer Search in 2011.



Additionally, Goya® Olive Oils have been awarded in the following International Competitions:

Mario Solinas Award
New York IOOC
Domina IOOC
BIOL 2018
Los Angeles International
EVOO Competition
Sol d’Oro
Leone d’Oro
Japan Olive Oil Prize
Olive Japan
L’Orciolo d’Oro
Les Olivalies
Olive Oil China 2019
Olive Oil Award Zurich
International Olive
Oil Competition
SIAL Olive d’Or
Athena International Olive
Oil Competition
Olio Awards
Moooic 2018
Esao Awards
Master of Olive Oil
International Contest 2018
Terra Olivo
The Australian
International Olives Awards
Esao Awards
London IOOC 
London ITOC 2019
armonia awards Brazil iOOC
Top Evooleum 2020
London ITOC 2019
Armonia Award
Brazil iOOC
Top 100 Evooleum
Berlín Olive Oil
Joota Awards
Olio Capitale


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