Reduced Sodium Salad Olives

Reduced Sodium Salad Olives

Within the line of Reduced Sodium products, our GOYA® Salad Olives present themselves as the perfect condiment to use in dressings and salads, providing just the right amount of salt.

  • Container: Glass jars
  • Country of origin: Spain
Tasting and food pairings

Just as with our traditional product, GOYA® Reduced Sodium Salad Olives make the ideal accompaniment when preparing pasta and cold salads. The roasted red pepper adds an extra kick of flavor to rice dishes or meat casseroles.

  • PastaPasta
  • RiceRice
  • Salads and DressingsSalads and Dressings


Just as with our original product, the basis for this GOYA® Reduced Sodium specialty is the Manzanilla variety olives and the natural roasted red pepper, thus giving salads and pastas a healthy flavor.

Like the products that comprise the Reduced Sodium line, the amount of sodium in GOYA® Reduced Sodium is 25% lower than the original product.

This commitment to controlling salt intake, thanks to a product that meets current regulations, is further reinforced by using the natural roasted red pepper which accompanies the GOYA® Reduced SodiumIn just one portion of 15 grams of product, there are only 255 mg of sodium.

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