Light Flavor Olive Oil

Light Flavor Olive Oil

Just like the GOYA® Olive Oil, GOYA® Light Flavor Olive Oil is made with refined olive oil of excellent quality and our Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the proportion needed to maintain a mild flavor.

  • Container: Available in glass bottles, PET bottles, and tinplate canisters
  • Country of origin: Spain
Tasting and food pairings


Along with its use in frying, GOYA® Light Flavor Olive Oil is recommended for dishes where only the flavor of other ingredients and condiments should stand out exclusively, for example, in traditional local recipes and baking.

“Light” does in no way refer to the amount of calories or mono-saturated fats in the oil, since they are the same as those of extra virgin olive oil. Furthermore, it allows for frying at higher temperatures than other vegetable oils do.

We recommend frying at 356ºF (180ºC). The higher the temperature of the oil is, the less fats penetrate the food, since a seal is immediately formed around it which diminishes the penetration of the oil and maintains the vitamins inside the food.

  • Dessert Preparation and BakingDessert Preparation and Baking
  • FryingFrying
  • Sauces and GraviesSauces and Gravies


GOYA® Light Flavor Olive Oil can substitute other vegetable oils in any recipe from the world’s cuisine, due to its great smoothness and neutral flavor which respects the original aroma of all other ingredients.

Its healthy properties stand out when compared to other vegetable and seed oils, with a higher oleic acid content and resistance to higher temperatures. Therefore, Light Flavor Olive Oil is suited for frying, baking and sautéing.

Preserved in nitrogen until it reaches your table, our Light Flavor Olive Oil maintains all of its properties until its best-before date.

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