Real Spanish Potato Omelette Recipe!

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What is the best known Spanish tapa all over the world? Correct! The Spanish omelette or potato omelette! When cooking, we will use two healthy and cheap ingredients: egg and potatoes. Whether we prepare the potato omelette with or without onion, we must be careful with the proportions in the ingredients. Thus, one rule for cooking the perfect spanish omelette is to use eight eggs for each 2,2, lb. of peeled potatoes.  And, don´t forget the best extra virgin olive oil to fry the potatoes and assemble our spanish omelette.


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of peeled potatoes
Extra Virgin Olive OilExtra Virgin Olive Oil

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medium organic eggs
of salt
onion (optional)


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We will cut the potatoes into cubes. We´ll heat a pan with spanish extra virgin olive oil.We will cook the potatoes over low heat until golden brown. If we want the spanish omelette with onion, we will cut it and fry it after the potatoes.
We will beat the eggs while the potatoes are cooled, and we´ll mix everything well to absorb the beaten egg.
We will cook the spanish omelette with 4 spoon of spanish olive oil. Leave on medium heat to set the egg curd on the bottom.
When the bottom has a base created with the curdled egg, we will turn around with the help of a flat plate.
Repeat until the omelette is made on both sides.

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