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Falafel Mediterráneo

Mediterranean Falafel Recipe!

Today, we´re going to visit the Mediterranean coast to cook a delicious homemade Falafel. This recipe, ideal for vegans and coeliacs (provided you use gluten-free yeast), is prepared with a mixture of crushed chickpeas soaked in water with garlic, onion and different herbs and spices.


Extra virgin olive oil | Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra














Ingredients (4 pax.)

  • 0,6 lb. chickpeas.
  • 0,26 lb. peeled onion.
  • 1 clove of garlic.
  • Ground black pepper and salt.
  • 0,2 lb. of chickpea flour.
  • 1 tablespoon of ground cumin.
  • Extra virgin olive oil.


  1. Place the chickpeas in water to soak the day before cooking the Falafel.
  2. The following day, drain them and grind them in a blender together with the garlic, onion, coriander and parsley leaves and the ground cumin.
  3. Then add the chickpea flour, the yeast and season to taste. Grind the dough once again until you have a uniform mixture. Leave the dough to rest in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.
  4. Form small croquettes the size of a nut and roll them in the chickpea flour.
  5. Fry the little balls in plenty of oil, turning them over to ensure they are browned on all sides.
  6. Transfer them to a plate covered with absorbent paper to let any liquid drain off for a few minutes before serving.
  7. Now that summer is on its way you can serve this delicious refreshing dish with yogurt sauce or a light salad. It´s normally served in pita bread in sandwich format in the countries in the Mediterranean region.
  8. Falafel can also be baked in the oven. To do so, after preheating the oven, place the falafel balls on a piece of oven paper in a baking tray. Bake them for 10 minutes, turn them over, and bake them for another 5 minutes until they have turned brown.


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