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RSC El Gancho Espacio Azul

Coinciding with the Day of the Hospitalized Child and the European Mental Health Week, El Gancho Children’s Foundation presented “El Espacio Azul” in Seville on May 13th. “El Espacio Azul”. This space, located in the Virgen del Rocío University Hospital, is equipped with a 360-degree projection system for immersive reality therapies that will help to improve the emotional wellbeing of children and young people in Andalusia.

In the implementation of this first “Blue Space”, El Gancho has had the collaboration of Goya Spain, which has exclusively sponsored its installation, within the #GoyaCares program promoted by Goya Foods.

The inaugural ceremony of the first “Espacio Azul” was attended by the general manager of Goya España, Antonio Carrasco, together with the assistant manager of the Virgen del Rocío Hospital, Jesús Rodríguez, the director of the Andalusian Mental Health Plan, Benedicto Crespo, and the coordinator of the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Unit of the Virgen del Rocío Hospital, Miguel Ruiz.

As highlighted by Antonio Carrasco, Goya Spain was convinced of its active implication in the project after the first meeting with the president of the Foundation, Marta Baturone: “The challenge of the “Blue Space” has become a challenge for the family that makes up Goya Spain, which this year celebrates its 50th anniversary of establishment. With this collaboration we will be able to help “other families” in Andalusia and the professionals who accompany them, so that they can count on this new space where they can learn to manage crisis and/or stress situations”.

Friendly space

In Andalusia, more than 350,000 children and adolescents (1 in 7 between the ages of 10 and 19) suffer from a mental health disorder, 47% more since 2020. Faced with this reality, El Gancho Infantil Foundation is committed to reversing this situation by helping to bring to Andalusia the only projector in the world that projects in 360 degrees to perform therapies with immersive reality, the MK2. This tool, with a platform of more than 200 videos, will help to improve the emotional well-being of children and their cognitive stimulation.

The “Blue Space” is a safe and friendly space, from 25 to 80 m2, for children with mental health disorders and other pathologies such as oncology, neurosurgery or in cases of patients with long and complex surgeries to learn how to manage situations of anxiety, crisis and stress. In addition, it will also be available for healthcare professionals who experience moments of increased stress in their working lives. In short, as the mental health coordinator of the Hospital Virgen del Rocío emphasized in his presentation, “it is a friendly innovation that can have an impact on mental health or emotions, not only for minors, this is transversal to the whole hospital”.

With the support of the General Department of Mental Health of the Regional Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs and the Andalusian Health Service, eight Child and Adolescent Mental Health Units in Andalusia will have this space in their hospitals to implement these therapies with immersive reality, which will help to facilitate the daily work of the professionals. Thus, the Virgen del Rocío Children’s Hospital in Seville will carry out a first acceptability study during these first six months, which will confirm the positive results for its implementation in the rest of the community.

CSR and Goya

With the priority objective of promoting the general welfare of the community, Goya Spain develops different collaborative actions within the #GoyaCares and #GoyaGives programs. Thus, it collaborates with different organizations such as the Seville Food Bank and associations in Alcalá de Guadaíra such as the Paz y Bien Association, Caritas or the San Juan de Dios Center.

curso de cata medicos

As part of the events to commemorate the 50th anniversary of its establishment, Goya España has programmed a calendar of tasting courses for professional groups from different sectors. Last April, Goya’s facilities in Alcalá de Guadaíra hosted one of these training sessions for doctors from different specialties.

After the presentation of the company and its main indicators by the general manager of Goya Spain, Antonio Carrasco,the group of more than fifty doctors learned how to identify extra virgin olive oil, thanks to the indications of Goya’s Quality Assurance Manager, Antonio Martín..

Due to the professional profile of the group, the tasting course also had the participation of Wenceslao Moreda, head scientist of the Institute of Fat of the CSIC, who gave an interesting presentation on the presence of vegetable fats in the diet and their influence on health. With an extensive research career related to olive oil, Moreda is responsible for the OLEUM project of the Horizon 2020 program, which aims to solve the problems of quality and authenticity of olive oil.

After this first session, Goya España will continue with its program of tasting courses to raise awareness of the benefits of consuming extra virgin olive oil.

Premios Obiveja 2024 y Mario Solinas a Unico

GOYA® Unico Extra Virgin Olive Oil has been awarded the silver medal in the light green fruity category of the Ovibeja 2024 contest, highlighting once again the exceptional quality of our gourmet EVOO. This recent recognition is added to the 2nd finalist in the packers category in the Mario Solinas Quality Awards of the International Olive Council.

At Ovibeja 2024, the silver medal for the light green fruity EVOO means the return of Goya Unico to the podium of this contest after the gold medal obtained in 2021 in the medium green fruity category.

In addition, Goya Unico has been the second finalist in the packers category of the Mario Solinas Quality Awards 2024. Thus, Unico is positioned one more year in the top olive oils in the world according to the International Olive Oil Council, after the first prize obtained in the 2023 edition.

With these two new recognitions to our gourmet olive oil (which in the last 10 years has won 134 awards), Goya España reinforces its commitment to bring to its consumers the best extra virgin olive oils with 100% Spanish origin with more than 300 international awards. more than 300 international awards.


nuevas publicaciones de la catedra goya

One of the pillars of the Goya Chair focuses on promoting research in the agri-food industry. Thus, after sponsoring publications on predictive maintenance of equipment (from refrigeration units to conveyor belts) and production in the wine sector, the Goya Chair has sponsored the research “Design of intelligent modular children’s furniture”. From an eco-design perspective, the work, published in the journal DYNA, addresses the design of children’s furniture, an intelligent cradle, which adjusts to the needs of the first stage of life, including sensors and components that improve the baby’s rest, and which, in turn, incorporates modularity in its design to be able to adapt to the following stages of the child up to 12 years of age.

The second publication sponsored by the Goya Chair studies the expected quality of nougat as a function of the shape and color of the package by means of an ANOVA analysis. A survey was carried out among 122 participants from Spain and Mexico. The main conclusion is that a package with a combination of three shapes (rectangle, square and triangle) and colors (yellow, orange and red) increases the emotions of admiration, satisfaction, pleasant surprise, attraction, fascination and joy of consumers.

More info about the Goya Antonio Unanue Chair


Esao Awards

The Escuela Superior del Aceite de Oliva (ESAO) has announced the winners and finalists of its official awards, the ESAO Awards, which aim to serve as a benchmark for marketers, producers, packers and cooperatives.

In this eighth edition, Goya EVOOs have been recognized a total of 2 awards and 3 mentions as finalists.

In the category of “Best EVOO Packer/Trader”GOYA® Extra Virgin Olive Oil ranked 1st prize, followed by GOYA® Organics, which ranked 2nd prize. GOYA® Unico was a finalist.

In addition to these awards, GOYA® Garlic and GOYA® Truffle flavored oils are finalists in the “Best Olive Oil Seasoning” category.

Goya Olive Oils

Goya Extra Virgin Olive Oils GOYA® Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made from completely healthy olives that have no defects. At the GOYA Spain factory in Seville, more than 2,000 samples of extra virgin olive oil produced from the best raw material, olives from Andalusia, one of the world’s leading olive oil producing regions, are tasted each year. From these samples, Goya selects the highest quality ones with which the coupages are created, achieving the different personalities of the oils to cover all consumer uses.

Goya España currently exports four extra virgin olive oils: GOYA® Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Unico, Organics and Robusto.

Each of these EVOOs has its own organoleptic characteristics, its personality for different uses, which has led them to obtain more than 300 international awards. GOYA® Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the most versatile oil due to its aromatic complexity between green and ripe fruitiness and its balance between spiciness and bitterness, unlike the other three, which are green fruity. The green fruity group includes GOYA® Robusto (intense green fruitiness) and GOYA® Unico and Organics, Goya’s Premium AOVEs, which stand out, among other qualities, for their great complexity of aromatic nuances.

The 7th edition of the ESAO Awards is characterized by the outstanding quality of the oils presented. This was confirmed by the technical director of ESAO and responsible for the awards, Susana Romera, who thanked the sector for its commitment to the excellence of Extra Virgin Olive Oils.

The ESAO Awards represent an important economic and social boost for the oil industry. As ESAO’s executive director, Marta González, highlights, “these awards provide producers, cooperatives and packers with a platform to promote their products nationally and internationally, which can result in increased sales and commercial opportunities. In addition, by promoting quality and innovation, the ESAO Awards contribute to the sustainable development and global promotion of the olive sector.”

Access to the ESAO Guide

charla estrategia industria alimentaria

The permanent seminar of the Goya Chair in the agri-food industry continues with its program. Thus, on April 29th it will host a new session by the Director General of Industry, Innovation and Agri-Food Chain of the Andalusian Regional Government, Carmen Cristina De Toro Navero, who will analyze the main aspects of the “Andalusian Strategy for the Agri-Food Industry. Innovation and New Technologies”.

The “Andalusian Strategy for the Agri-Food Industry. Innovation and New Technologies”, approved last February, is presented as a roadmap for the period 2024-2027 through which it seeks to improve the competitiveness of agribusiness in Andalusia, with a view to this key economic sector to consolidate its leadership and be an engine of wealth and employment generation and promote balance in the agri-food chain.

In this sense, the first Andalusian Agri-Food Industry Strategy is a commitment to the value chain of the agri-food industry, with a strong focus on efficiency, balance and transparency, as well as the application of the circular economy in this sector, with investments that guarantee the supply and efficiency in the use of water and energy. Thus, the document will develop instruments for the qualification of personnel and the attraction of talent for a competitive and developed Andalusian agribusiness, with special interest in the promotion of cooperative mergers, intercooperation and alliances for the promotion of an efficient and sustainable sector at social, economic and environmental level.

Another key aspect is the commitment to research, modernization, digitalization and industry 5.0, as well as the promotion of investment and diversification in the agro-industrial sector for greater internationalization. Similarly, it is committed to the commitment of the Junta de Andalucía for administrative simplification, the promotion of obtaining quality certifications and the promotion of Andalusian food abroad.

This document, which will be developed by the Ministry of Agriculture, Water, Fisheries and Rural Development, aims to be a tool to facilitate the adaptation of the Andalusian agroindustrial sector to the current and future market requirements, so its preparation will take into account their needs through close collaboration and dialogue with all economic and social agents affected and with the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mines.

The new session of the seminar of the Goya Chair will take place at 1 p.m. in Classroom 2.1 of the Polytechnic School.

Access is free with previous registration at the following e-mail address: catedragoya@us.es

Joseph perez

On April 10th, the Leading Brands of Spain Forum celebrated the XIII edition of the “Friends of the Brand Spain and Spanish Brands in the USA” awards. For the Goya family it was a very emotional night as Mr. Joseph Perez, Vice President of Goya Foods received the Friend of Spanish Brands in the USA award.

This accreditation is given to institutions or companies from other countries that have stood out for their support and collaboration in promoting the image of Spain or its companies. The award is an initiative of the FMRE in collaboration with the Spain-US Chamber of Commerce, the Spanish Chamber of Commerce and ICEX Spain Export and Investment.

Along with Joseph Pérez, the following were recognized as Friends of Spanish Brands in the United States: Jody Hall, Purchasing Manager of H-E-B: Friends of Spanish Brands in the United States; Nina Magon, friend of the Cosentino Group in the United States; and Chris Pappas, friend of the Osborne Group in the United States.

The awards for Friends of the Spanish Brand in the United States went to the H-E-B supermarket chainMD Anderson Cancer Center, a reference center in cancer treatment; and Univision, a benchmark in Spanish-language media in the United States.

The event was presided over by Ángeles Moreno Bau, Ambassador of Spain to the United States, and was attended by other authorities and institutional and business representatives such as Carla Arimont, Vice President of the Spain-US Chamber of Commerce; Julia Alicia Olmo, Consul General of Spain in Houston; Sofia Osborne, President of FMRE; Javier Serra, Director General of Institutional Cooperation and Coordination of ICEX; and Jaime Montalvo, International Director of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce.

Congratulations to all the awarded winners.

Goya Organics, mejor coupage 2024

Top 10 intesen evoosGoya premium extra virgin olive oils continue to reap success. Proof of this is their return to the IberoOleum Guide, a ranking that every year highlights the best EVOOs in Spain, classified according to their intensity, production and properties.

Thus, in the 2024 edition, GOYA® Organics, with 95.4 points, forms part of the Top 10 of the best intense evoos and is also positioned as the best coupage in Spain.

GOYA® Unico, with 93.3 points, is the 5th best spanish coupage (intense evoo).

Made with olives of the Hojiblanca and Picuda varieties grown in the olive groves of southern Spain, GOYA® Unico and GOYA® Organics offer a great complexity of aromatic nuances of medium-high intensity, recognized in the main international competitions.

The IberOleum 2024 awards gala took place on April 4 at the Carmen de los Mártires, an idyllic setting near the Alhambra in Granada. Our export manager, Philippe Parouty, received the GOYA® Organics award and had the opportunity to share experiences with other producers and suppliers such as Almazaras de la Subbética.

Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to IberOleum for your recognition year after year of the quality of the Goya extra virgin olive oils.

Iberoleum 2024

Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition 2024 (LAIOOC), has announced the awards for its 25th Edition, awarding Goya extra virgin olive oils a total of 5 medals.

With these awards, Goya España reinforces its commitment to bring the best 100% Spanish extra virgin olive oil, recognized with more than 300 international awards, to consumers worldwide.

The 2024 edition of the Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition, one of the most recognized competitions worldwide, is the first to be held at an international level. This year, a total of 485 samples were submitted from Algeria, Argentina, Australia, Chile, China, Croatia, Cyprus, France, Greece, Israel, Italy, Japan, Morocco, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Tunisia, Turkey and the United States.

Congratulations to all the participants.

Complete list of awards

The permanent seminar of the Goya Chair in the agri-food industry continues with its programming. Thus, after the first presentation by Miguel Angel Sánchez Ramírez, founding CEO of Lean Beast Group on “Productivity and Digitization in Agri-Food Industrial Environments”, the Chair delves into electronic engineering.

In this way, the professor of the Department of Electrical, Electronic and Automatic Engineering of the University of Extremadura, Jesús Lozano Rogado will give a lecture on “Digitization of smell and its application to engineering projects in the agri-food industry”.

The session will take place on April 9 at 12.15 p.m. in Classroom 1.4 of the Polytechnic School. Access is free with previous registration at the e-mail catedragoya@us.es

Commitment to R&D&I and knowledge transfer

In addition to the training sessions, the director of the Chair, Amalia Luque, will attend “Transfiere, European Forum for Science, Technology and Innovation”, which will be held in Malaga from March 20 to 22.

Considered the largest European event on R&D&I and knowledge transfer, the Transfiere forum connects the entire Spanish innovation system and boosts its international projection. In short, talent, scientific-technological development, access to investment and business come together in a meeting of high potential to generate global alliances and synergies.

The 2024 edition of this forum renews its staging to enhance the visibility of the business fabric as a pillar of innovation from the private sector and with the support of public administrations. The Goya Chair is present along with entities from the national and international academic sphere, one of the main actors of Transfiere, which, in addition to convening a wide representation of universities, spinoffs and research groups, is the core of research and transfer of results to the business fabric. “A participation driven by the collaboration with CRUE Spanish Universities, which annually convenes the research groups of Spanish universities through Red OTRI to enable the transfer of knowledge,” as highlighted by the organization.

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