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Canada IOOC
Goya Extra Virgin Olive Oils continue to be accolated with international awards. In its first participation in the Canada Olive Oil Competition (Canada IOOC), Goya olive oils have obtained a total of five medals: platinum for Unico, Organics, and Garlic, and gold for Robusto and Classic. 

Canada IOOC has become a commercial expansion platform for extra virgin olive oil producers and bottling firms in Canada. Just as the ICEX confirms, Canada´s olive oil consumption has risen significantly and constantly in the last 25 years, with increased demand in gastronomy and homes across the country.

According to the International Olive Council, during the 2019/20 campaign, the volume of olive oil imported by Canada was 58,236 tons. Furthermore, extra virgin olive oil conforms 45,779 tons out of the import total, making this country an excellent opportunity for medium-range and high-range or gourmet olive oil producers.

Organics, winner Olio Capitale 2021

Best Light Intensity Extra Virgin Olive OilGoya Organics was the winner in this category at the XV Olio Capitale Competition. Along with Goya Robusto Fruity (finalist), both extra virgin olive oils participated in this competition for the second time; a competition organized by the Camera di Comercio Venezia Giulia Trieste Gorizia (Chambers of Commerce Venice Giulia Trieste Gorizia).

This competition aims to enhance the quality of extra virgin olive oils of the Mediterranean area and strengthen the care of the product’s image.  This competition started been celebrated fifteen years ago at the Olio Capitale Expo, an Italian exhibition dedicated to quality extra virgin olive oils.

The 2021 Edition included the participation of 83 companies, with 124 brands representing Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Spain, and Portugal.

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World´s Best Olive Oils 2021

The undeniable quality of Goya extra virgin olive oils keeps collecting international accolades.

Goya Único and Goya Organics have been included in the prestigious ranking of the World’s Best Olive Oils 2020/2021; calculated this year from the results of a total of 6 of the currently 7 strictest international extra virgin olive oil competitions.

Goya Único is amongst the World’s Top 10 (4th) best extra virgin olive oils, while Goya Organics is included in the Top 10 (6th) ranking in the organic category for extra virgin olive oils.

On the other hand, Goya Spain in Seville obtained 2nd place for best bottling and packaging facility for extra virgin olive oils, thus entered the TOP 10 ranking for one of the best organic extra virgin olive oil producing companies.

The WBOO ranking was created in 2012 by the expert German taster, Heiko Schmidt, based on the results of the main international competitions for extra virgin olive oil in both hemispheres.

The WBOO’s objective is to build the ranking of the world’s best extra virgin olive oils from the results of the strictest international extra virgin olive oil competitions and consequently, appreciate the value of extraordinary extra virgin olive oils. The WBOO firmly believes that products of premium quality deserve a different recognition and their producers deserve to be supported in and awarded for their efforts.

Goya Organics Ecotrama 2021

The XX edition of Ecotrama, the International Contest for Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oils, organized by Ecovalia and Diputación de Córdoba, has granted the Gold Ecotrama Medal to our Goya Organics Extra Virgin Olive Oil on its first participation at this contest.

Ecotrama 2021 included the participation of a total of 93 olive oils elaborated by 72 olive mills proceeding from Spain, Italy, and Tunisia.

Due to the COVID-19 sanitary crisis, the tasting panel took Ecotrama 2021 place for the second consecutive year at a country house in the province of Córdoba.  José María Penco headed the technical direction where renowned and prestigious EVOO tasters partook.

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Goya Unico at Ovibeja 2021

The International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Contest CA|Ovibeja 2021, a one-of-its-kind international extra virgin olive oil contest celebrated in Portugal, awarded our Goya Único a gold medal in the Medium Green Fruitness category.

This award was organized by ACOS-Agricultores do Sul, in collaboration with Casa do Azeite, and celebrated their 10th edition at the 2021 competition.

The Ovibeja Contest aims to promote the quality of national extra virgin olive oils and to reveal their potential not just in the domestic market, but on an international level as well.

The Ovibeja 2021 edition included the participation of olive oils from Portugal, Italy, France, Israel, Brazil, and Argentina.

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Virtus 2021

The third edition of the International Wine, Spirit and Virgin Olive Oil Contest Virtus 2021, celebrated in Lisbon, Portugal, has awarded a total of three medals to Goya Extra Virgin Olive Oils. These accolades have made the Goya brand become the most awarded in the 2021 edition.

This way, Goya Organics and Goya Robusto have been awarded the Great Gold medal in their category, while Goya Único has been awarded the Gold medal. These important distinctions pave a challenge for Goya Spain in its first Virtus participation.

The International Awards Virtus 2021 award a distinction that is accompanied by an accrediting diploma issued by EDHSL (Excelencias de Huelva, S.L.). These awards give merit to the excellence and quality of wine, spirit and extra virgin olive oil on an international level. These bestow great projection to those products thoroughly selected.

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Photos during the Award Ceremony

Transmitting the “essence of Goya” in a contemporary space that constantly changes with time and continuously evolves was the goal of the interior design project completed for our offices and factory in Seville.

The project was headed by Atril and it involved two different design actions where the principles and values of our brand have been reflected and captured.

Like so, the office area has been converted into a contemporary space and with the aid of architectural elements, along with the use of color as main support in the different facility areas, it conveys a new sense of space. Furthermore, the use of direct lighting in each area also achieves an optimum result in every office and different conference rooms.

The “Goya Essence”

Conscious of the brand values, the project chose to make use of various elements like wood, pottery, paint, and art in order to represent and capture the “Goya essence”.

 This way, each and every space in the facility (conference rooms, multifunctional room Antonio Unanue with permanent audiovisuals, office rooms) has been converted in a singular space through the application of decorative elements like glazed pottery collections made from original Goya packaging – with the brand colors, engravings and vegetable derived decorations.

The factory zone has been transformed by giving each space its corporative and graphic identity.

Moreover, processes and space-saving solutions were applied in the distribution area through the use of lane and loading dock signage. Additionally, the loading dock in the grain packaging zone now exhibits a photograph wall mural carefully designed to personalize the space.


Premios AVPA 2021 a los aceites Goya

Goya Extra Virgin Olive Oils and its undeniable quality keep collecting acknowledgements in international contests: The AVPA Oils of the World Contest in Paris has awarded two medals to our olive oils in the 2021 International Edition. Goya Organics won a bronze medal in the category of Light Green Fruity for the Olive Oils 2021 Contest and a silver medal for Goya Garlic in the Flavored Oils category for the Edible Oils 2021 Contest.

The Agency for the Valorization of Agricultural Products, AVPA, is a non-profit organization, composed of producers and taste enthusiasts from around the globe.

Founded in 2005 and based in Paris, the AVPA’s goal is to contribute to the acknowledgement of agricultural productions and recognize the excellence of agricultural producers.

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Medallas ATHIOOC 2021

The Goya olive oils keep harvesting international recognition. Like that, the 6th edition of the Athenas International Olive Oil Competition (ATHIOOC 2021), has awarded a total of 4medals to our extra virgin olive oils.

The two GOYA Premium extra virgin olive oils,  Unico and Organics , have obtained the gold, while our Garlic extra virgin olive oil in the flavored category has been awarded a silver medal, and Robusto, the bronze medal.

The ATHIOOC 2021 edition celebrated in Lesbos, had 575 samples of extra virgin olive oil or flavored from 23 countries that have been evaluated by a panel of 25 olive oil experts from 12 different countries.

Every year ATHΕΝΑ IOOC takes place in an olive oil producing  region of Greece. After its first edition in Athenas it has been celebrated in: Messenia, Delfos, Nauplia, Spata and, in 2021, the Museum of Industrial Production of Olive Oil in the island of Lesbos, third most important olive oil producing region in Greece.

Download official competition results

London IOOC 2021

The quality of the GOYA extra virgin olive oils keeps earning it the awards and recognitions in competitions and international events.

London International Olive Oil Competition (LIOOC 2021) has awarded GOYA a total of four awards: Platinum for Unico, and Organics and Gold to Robusto and Classic.

LIOOC 2021 is the biggest Extra Virgin Olive Oil competition in Europe and its goal is to promote the greatest quality Extra Virgin Olive Oils, introduce the current varieties, and divulge the healthy and nutritional properties of this essential food in the Mediterranean diet to all consumers and professionals in the international industry

With the participation of olive oils coming from Spain, Italy, Greece, Tunis, Turkey, Portugal, or the United States, this competition has an ample jury of international experts, who through blind tastings, judge the organoleptic qualities, and characteristics of the olive oils competing in the event.

In the 2020  edition, GOYA olive oils were awarded 3 medals (Platinum to Robusto and Organics, and Gold for Unico).

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