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Premios AVPA 2021 a los aceites Goya

Goya Extra Virgin Olive Oils and its undeniable quality keep collecting acknowledgements in international contests: The AVPA Oils of the World Contest in Paris has awarded two medals to our olive oils in the 2021 International Edition. Goya Organics won a bronze medal in the category of Light Green Fruity for the Olive Oils 2021 Contest and a silver medal for Goya Garlic in the Flavored Oils category for the Edible Oils 2021 Contest.

The Agency for the Valorization of Agricultural Products, AVPA, is a non-profit organization, composed of producers and taste enthusiasts from around the globe.

Founded in 2005 and based in Paris, the AVPA’s goal is to contribute to the acknowledgement of agricultural productions and recognize the excellence of agricultural producers.

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Medallas ATHIOOC 2021

The Goya olive oils keep harvesting international recognition. Like that, the 6th edition of the Athenas International Olive Oil Competition (ATHIOOC 2021), has awarded a total of 4medals to our extra virgin olive oils.

The two GOYA Premium extra virgin olive oils,  Unico and Organics , have obtained the gold, while our Garlic extra virgin olive oil in the flavored category has been awarded a silver medal, and Robusto, the bronze medal.

The ATHIOOC 2021 edition celebrated in Lesbos, had 575 samples of extra virgin olive oil or flavored from 23 countries that have been evaluated by a panel of 25 olive oil experts from 12 different countries.

Every year ATHΕΝΑ IOOC takes place in an olive oil producing  region of Greece. After its first edition in Athenas it has been celebrated in: Messenia, Delfos, Nauplia, Spata and, in 2021, the Museum of Industrial Production of Olive Oil in the island of Lesbos, third most important olive oil producing region in Greece.

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London IOOC 2021

The quality of the GOYA extra virgin olive oils keeps earning it the awards and recognitions in competitions and international events.

London International Olive Oil Competition (LIOOC 2021) has awarded GOYA a total of four awards: Platinum for Unico, and Organics and Gold to Robusto and Classic.

LIOOC 2021 is the biggest Extra Virgin Olive Oil competition in Europe and its goal is to promote the greatest quality Extra Virgin Olive Oils, introduce the current varieties, and divulge the healthy and nutritional properties of this essential food in the Mediterranean diet to all consumers and professionals in the international industry

With the participation of olive oils coming from Spain, Italy, Greece, Tunis, Turkey, Portugal, or the United States, this competition has an ample jury of international experts, who through blind tastings, judge the organoleptic qualities, and characteristics of the olive oils competing in the event.

In the 2020  edition, GOYA olive oils were awarded 3 medals (Platinum to Robusto and Organics, and Gold for Unico).

Goya premium olive oils | Aceites premium Goya premiados en Berlin GOOA 2021

Very positive balance in the 2021 Berlín Global Olive Oil Awards. In our second time at the event, we have been awarded three platinum medals for our premium olive oils Unico, Organics, and Goya Garlic.

Goya Robusto has also received a Gold medal, and bronze for Classic.

The Berlín Global Olive Oil Awards recognizes the excellence and quality in the extra virgin olive oil industry, increasing the visibility and knowledge of the German consumers. In the 2021 event, a total of 764 samples from 22 different countries were presented.

In the 2020 event, GOYA was awarded 3 medals.

Goya en Anuario del Aceite de Oliva

We have participated in the 2021 Olive Oil Yearbook

Our general manager, Antonio Carrasco has explained the olive oil industry situation in terms of production, exports, and the changes in consumption, with special attention to the changes experienced in the national and international consumer, especially in the United States, main destination of all GOYA exports.  

Click to download the GOYA article in Olive Oil Yearbook

Goya Unico Coupage Iberoleum 2021

For another year, the Iberoleum 2021 Guide places GOYA gourmet olive oils among its best extra virgin olive oils from Spain, and recognizes Goya Único with 95.5 points, as the best extra virgin olive oil, nationally. 

Besides the Único, the Iberoleum Guide has included the Organics and Robusto EVOOs in its 2021 edition. 

Do you know what “coupage” means?

Traditionally, related with enology, coupage (action of mixing two or more varieties), also applies to the olive oil production.   

At GOYA Spain, we select nationally and internationally recognized olive oils from the Andalusian oil mills. We work on balancing them naturally until we find the perfect coupage, in which the consumer finds the aromas and nuances from Spain. And just like that, the 202I Iberoleum guide has recognized the GOYA EVOO as the best coupage in Spain.  

Goya España obtiene la certificación ISO 14001

Goya Spain’s factory obtained the UNE-EN ISO 14001 certification, which guarantees the implementation and development of its Environmental Management system.

The ISO 14001 certification is based on two concepts of continued improvement, and regulatory compliance. Therefore, the main improvements that the business reports are based in 3 factors:

  • Simplifies the identification and evaluation of the environmental aspects that each activity at the factory produces that could lead to environmental impact.
  • Minimizes the environmental impact of the processes, products, and services, and lets the business position itself as a socially responsible organization.
  • Reduces costs of waste management.

The ISO 14001 certification establishes a good practice for proactive management of GOYA Spain’s environmental impact explained in its  environmental policy, and shows its commitment with the environment in three ways: prevention of pollution, regulatory compliance, and legal requirements and improvements of the environmental management system.

More info about our international certifications

Goya at Olive Japan 2021

The 2021 edition of the Olive Japan competition has awarded four medals to the GOYA extra virgin olive oils. The event, organized by the Japan Olive Oil Sommerlier Association (JOOSA) has awarded two GOLD medals to Goya Unico and Organics, while Goya Robusto/Fruity and Goya Garlic have received SILVER medals.

These four medals awarded to the GOYA olive oils recognize the brand’s efforts to provide a high quality product to the most demanding consumers. At the Olive Japan 10th edition, 811 extra virgin olive oils from 27 different countries were able to participate, the highest number of participants since 2012.

Spearheaded by Toshiya Tada, Olive Japan wants to encourage the consumption of extra virgin olive oil in Japan.  In this study about the Olive Oil market in Japan (2016-2020),The Institute of Exterior Commerce explains that Japan is one of the most important olive oil markets worldwide. In this period of time, Japan imported 70.128 tons of olive oil. That positions it as the #1 olive oil importer around the world.

Because of the world’s health regulations at the moment, Olive Japan 2021 won’t have an open event. Although, in July, the Olive Japan Show will be celebrated in the largest warehouses of Tokyo.

nyiocc 2021

Organized by the Olive Oil Times Guide, the NYIOCC awards have great international prestige. Every year they recognize the best extra virgin olive oils worldwide. For 2021, the competition received 1,171 participant requests from the leading producing countries breaking the prior record of 1,003 participants in 2018.

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GOYA Organics obtained gold extra again in the International Organic Competition 2021 Biol Prize, one of the most renowned organic EVOO competitions worldwide.

Goya Organics is a perfect coupage of the Picual, Hojiblanca and Picuda varieties. With an intense, fruity green aroma and notes of grass and green leaves, hints of tomato, apple, green almond and artichokes, it is perfect for using in vegetarian or vegan dishes due to its sensory and health properties.

Winners full list 2021 Biol Contest

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