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Masters of Olives Sanremo

Like our extra virgin olive oils, the quality of Goya olives is also recognized in international competitions. In the first edition of the Sanremo Masters of Olives International Contest, Goya olives have won a total of seven prizes in the “Sevillian Style”, “Other Styles & Stuffed” and “Californian Style” categories.

In the “Sevillian Style” category the winning varieties were: Gold for Goya Cocktail Olives Pitted Manzanilla Spanish Olives, Silver for Goya Plain Queen Spanish Olives, and Bronze for Goya Manzanilla Spanish Olives.

In the “Other Styles & Stuffed” category, Goya Manzanilla Spanish Olives Stuffed with Minced Pimientos won a Gold medal; Goya Stuffed Queen Spanish Olives with Minced Pimientos won a Silver medal; and Goya Stuffed Olives with Serrano Ham won a Bronze medal.

Along with these awards, Goya Pitted Black Olives were awarded the Gold prize in the “Californian Style” category.

Like the Sanremo Masters of Olive Oil International Contest, the Masters of Olives International Contest is organized by Aldo Mazzini and held in Italy, with the aim of promoting the best table olives in the world in all their different varieties.

Official list of winners


These four medals are added to the more than 100 awards won by Goya’s extra virgin oils in different national and international competitions, which together are a recognition foThe jury of the International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition, Olive Japan 2020, has once again recognized the quality of Goya’s extra virgin oils. Goya’s two premium olive oils, Unico and Organics, kept the gold medals they had achieved in 2019, while Goya’s classic extra virgin oil and Robusto/Fruity olive oil won silver medals.r offering the best extra virgin olive oils to the most demanding consumers.

In its eighth edition, the OLIVE JAPAN competition, organized by the Olive Oil Sommelier Association of Japan (OSAJ), enjoyed the participation of a total of 700 extra virgin olive oils from 23 countries.

Goya’s premium extra virgin olive oils continue to reap international awards. The fourth edition of the Masters of Olive Oil International Contest in Sanremo (Italy) has resulted in a total of four medals for Goya’s Unico and Organics olive oils, together with the recognition of Goya’s four extra virgin olive oils, showing Goya to be one of the highest quality extra virgin olive oil brands.

Goya Unico Extra Virgin Olive Oil won two bronze medals in the Intense Fruity and General Extra Virgin categories, and a silver medal in the Blend category.

Furthermore, Goya Organics Extra Virgin Olive Oil held on to the second place it won in the Organic category in the 2019 edition.

Likewise, Goya’s four extra virgin olive oils have been recognized as “Masters of Olive Oil”, which is “a privilege for every great Olive Oil Sample made by the best Olive Oil Producers.”

This event, organized by Aldo Mazzini together with the Knoil association for the dissemination of the culture of olive oil, is committed to promoting the use of extra virgin olive oil as one of the fundamental foods in the Mediterranean diet.

Goya’s Extra Virgin Olive Oils have been awarded three medals at the 2020 Berlin Global Olive Oil Awards. Goya Unico Extra Virgin Olive Oil won a platinum medal, while Goya Organics and Goya Robusto/Fruity won gold medals.

These three medals are a milestone for Goya olive oils, as this is the first time they have been recognized in Germany, thus expanding the list of European awards Goya has won for quality.

The Berlin Global Olive Oil Awards aims to recognize excellence and quality in the extra virgin olive oil industry, thus increasing its visibility and awareness in German consumers.

NYIOOC 2020 Competition | Concurso NYIOOC 2020

For the third consecutive year, Goya’s extra virgin olive oils have won over the jury of the New York International Olive Oil Competition (NYIOOC).

On this occasion, Goya’s Unico, Organic and Robusto/Fruity oils have won three gold medals, in addition to a silver medal for Goya Extra Virgin Olive Oil. This means that the prizes for the 2020 edition bring the total number of medals won by Goya oils in this competition to nine, in addition to the more than 100 international prizes won by the brand in competitions and contests held on the five continents.

The four medals obtained by Goya oils in the NYIOOC highlight the value that Spanish extra virgin olive oil has to North American consumers. As Goya Spain’s Marketing Area states: “These awards are very important for us as they confirm that the quality of olive oil is increasingly important for North American consumers”. “Being recognized in the NYIOOC encourages us to continue in this direction and to extend our collaboration to companies and organizations in the sector that work to consolidate the culture of olive oil in the United States”, the company adds.

Taste and tradition united in quality

Goya Spain bottles and exports its extra virgin olive oils under the most demanding safety certifications. These include the British Retail Consortium (BRC) “AA” accreditation, an international standard that guarantees Goya’s handling of food for human consumption.

Goya Unico Extra Virgin Olive Oil is based on the careful selection of the Hojiblanca and Picuda olive varieties. With an intense green fruity aroma, its reminiscences of almond, tomato and apple stand out.

Goya Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a blend of the Picual, Hojiblanca and Picuda varieties that guarantees an extraordinary sensory experience: an intense green fruity aroma, with notes of herbs and green leaves, and hints of tomato, apple, green almond and artichoke, it is somewhere between bitter and spicy in the mouth, balanced and elegant.

Together with Unico and Organic, Goya Robusto/Fruity Extra Virgin Olive Oil offers a concentration of green aromas from Hojiblanca and Arbequina olives, evoking memories of freshly cut grass, leaves, aromatic herbs, green tomatoes and artichokes. However, in Goya’s Robusto/Fruity Extra Virgin Olive Oil, this freshness is balanced by the intensity of the oil, providing sweet and pleasant sensations on the palate.

Lastly, Goya Extra Virgin Olive Oil, extracted mainly from the Hojiblanca, Lechín, Picual, Arbequina and Manzanilla varieties, stands out for its delicate almond flavor. It is characterized by the balance and harmony between its subtle spiciness and bitterness.


Organized by the Olive Oil Times portal, the NYIOOC is one of the main international competitions and its results are considered the most prestigious guide to olive oil. In the 2020 edition, 900 olive oils from 26 countries were presented.

The Japan Olive Oil Taster Association (JOOTA) has announced its awards for the best extra virgin olive oils, with Goya olive oils achieving important recognition.

Thus, in the Green Robust Fruitiness category, Goya Unico Extra Virgin Oil was awarded a gold medal, while Goya Organics won a bronze medal. Furthermore, Goya Unico received an additional award, being recognized as the best extra virgin blend.

Along with these medals, Goya olive oils won two special Jury awards. Chef Kotaro Hasegawa awarded a prize to Goya Unico Extra Virgin Olive Oil, while Ayumi Akagi, Chef del restaurante Sant Pau, recognized Goya Robusto/Fruity oil.

As noted by JOOTA, Japan is the fourth largest importer of olive oil in Asia and these awards offer producers a unique opportunity to increase their brand presence “in a rapidly growing market”.

The JOOTA Awards are held within the framework of the FOODEX food fair, one of the most important sector exhibitions in Asia. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, the event itself has been postponed to 2021.

Premio zurich | olive Oil Award_1200x628

Olive Oil Awards Zurich have once again recognized Goya Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oils. Thus, in the 2020 edition, Goya has won two medals: Gold for Goya Único Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Silver for Goya Organics Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

These two medals acknowledge the work carried out by Goya Spain in bringing extra virgin olive oil to the most demanding consumers in markets of the five continents.

Olive Oil Awards Zurich 2020 had participation from 109 oils from Spain, Italy, Portugal, Croatia, Greece and the United States.

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Congratulations are in order again, as our Organics extra virgin olive oil has won the extra gold medal at the 25th Italian BIOL Prize, placing it among the best organic extra virgin olive oils.

Organized by the Italian Biological Consortium, the BIOL International Prize is the largest international competition for organic extra virgin olive oils. The 2020 edition included participation by oils from five continents.

Goya Organics is a perfect coupage of the Picual, Hojiblanca and Picuda varieties. With an intense, fruity green aroma and notes of grass and green leaves, hints of tomato, apple, green almond and artichokes, it is perfect for using in vegetarian or vegan dishes due to its sensory and health properties.


Top 100 Evooleum

The quality of the Goya premium extra virgin olive oils has been recognized in the International Quality Competition for extra virgin olive oils (Evooleum Guide Awards 2020).

This international guide held the 5th edition of the Evooleum International Quality Awards for Extra Virgin Olive Oil, promoted by the Mercacei magazine and the Spanish Association of Olive Growing Municipalities (AEMO).

On this occasion, Goya Organics extra virgin olive oil earned a score of 90 points, while Goya Único earned a total of 88 points, both oils ranking in the Top 100 best extra virgin olive oils at a global level.

This award from Evooleum is an international endorsement of Goya’s constant work on offering the best premium extra virgin olive oils to the most demanding consumers.

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