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We continue to reap the rewards of the international recognition awarded to our oils and olives. Today we are in London, where Goya products have won a total of 24 medals (9 platinum, 8 gold and 7 silver) in the 2023 editions of London IOOC and London ITOC.

In extra virgin olive oils, the London International Olive Oils Competition awarded the platinum medal to our premium Unico and Organics olive oils, as well as to GOYA® Garlic in the flavored oils category. The list of awards for the olive oils is completed with the gold medal for GOYA® Robusto and the silver medal for our classic extra virgin olive oil.

On the other hand, Goya olives were awarded a total of 19 medals by the London ITOC competition.

Platinum: GOYA® Plain Queen Spanish Olives; GOYA® Stuffed Queen Spanish Olives with Minced Pimientos; GOYA® Mediterranean salad, GOYA® Reduced Sodium Manzanilla Olives Stuffed with minced pimientos; GOYA® Pitted Black Olives, GOYA® Stuffed Olives with  Serrano Ham.

Gold: GOYA® Manzanilla Spanish Olives; GOYA® Pitted Manzanilla Olives (Cocktail Olives); GOYA® Manzanilla Olives Stuffed with Minced Pimientos; GOYA® Reduced Sodium Salad Olives; GOYA® Reduced Sodium Alcaparrado; GOYA® Stuffed Olives with Minced Hot Peppers; GOYA® Stuffed Olives with  Minced Tuna.

Silver: GOYA® Salad Olives; GOYA® Stuffed Olives with Minced Anchovies; GOYA® Stuffed Olives with Minced Smoked Salmon; GOYA® Stuffed Olives with Minced Blue Cheese Paste; GOYA® Stuffed Olives with Spicy Chorizo; GOYA® Stuffed Olives with Manchego Cheese Paste.

London IOOC  have become international benchmarks in the promotion of olive oils and olives. In terms of olive oils, more than 500 samples from 20 countries were submitted in the 2023 edition. The London International Table Olive Competition (London ITOC) promotes high quality table olives by supporting producers.

Feria de Alimentos y Bebidas de las Americas

For the first time, Goya Spain has been present at the Americas Food and Beverage Show 2023, held in Miami.

On our booth in collaboration with the Spain-US Chamber of Commerce, we displayed our extra virgin olive oils, capers and table olives, with the most authentic and traditional flavor of Spain.

Sponsored by the NASDA – National Association of State Departments of Agriculture and the USDA, the Americas Food and Beverage Show provides a great opportunity for companies to interact with retailers and food service buyers from the US and all of Latin America and the Caribbean.

The 2023 edition features 600 exhibiting brands and buyers from more than 50 international markets.

Thank you for your warm welcome and support. We will see you at the next edition!

Olive oil tasting with Fernando Desa | Cata de aceite de oliva con Fernando Desa

Find out step-by-step how to enjoy an extra virgin olive oil tasting with Fernando Desa, Executive Chef at Goya Foods.

Extra virgin olive oil tasting

1️⃣ Pour one tablespoon of any of our Extra Virgin Olive Oils in a wine glass.

2️⃣ Place the glass in the palm of one hand to warm it up, while covering the top with the other hand.

3️⃣ Close your eyes and deeply inhale.

4️⃣ Transport your senses to fruit orchards or Spain´s countryside.

Enjoy the aromatic nuances and unmistakable flavor of GOYA® Extra Virgin Olive Oils, made with olives harvested in the south of Spain and whose superior quality has been endorsed by more than 200 international awards.


The Anatolian IOOC, the first Turkish international olive oil contest, has awarded a total of 7 medals to Goya olive oils in its 2023 edition.

The list of awards is as follows:

The Anatolian IOOC held its first edition in 2020. Directed by Birsen Can Pehlivan, the contest is committed to raising awareness about quality EVOO, explaining the health benefits to consumers and the importance of the Mediterranean diet, as well as awarding the deserving brands participating in the contest.

Complete list of awards given in 2023

Berlin GOOA 2023

Two platinum, two gold and a silver medal. This the is brilliant range of awards won by Goya olive oils at the Berlin Global Olive Oil Awards (Berlin GOOA 2023).

In the 2023 edition, GOYA® Organics and GOYA® Garlic won platinum medals, while the gold was for GOYA® Unico and GOYA® Robusto and the silver medal for our traditional extra virgin olive oil.

The annual Berlin Global Olive Oil Awards are international awards to recognize excellence in olive oil production. With the participation of more than 800 olive oils from 30 countries, the awards in (Berlin GOOA 2023) were not only a platform for recognition, but also help to educate consumers and raise awareness on the importance of quality olive oil.

Complete list of awards given in 2023


Our two premium olive oils, GOYA® Unico and GOYA® Organics continue to reap success in international competitions. Proof of this are the two gold medals won at the EVO IOOC Italy. To these, the silver medal for GOYA® Garlic in the flavored oils category is added.

Since 2016, the year of its first edition, the EVO IOOC has recognized the best extra virgin olive oils and flavored oils from all over the world, promoting to consumers the benefits of extra virgin olive oil for a healthy diet along with its exceptional qualities.

EVO IOOC is among the most important international contests in this sector. The contest is organized by the EVO IOOC Association EVO International Olive Oil Contest, based in Palmi and directed by Antonio Giuseppe Lauro.

Congratulations to all the awarded prizes

EVO IOOC 2023 EVOO Ranking

Catedra Antonio Unanue
  • The 2023 Academic Awards for the best Dissertations and PhD Theses related to the agri-food industry have been announced.

Promoting business-university collaboration in the agri-food industry. This is one of the main objectives of the “Engineering in the Agri-Food Industry Goya – Antonio Unanue” Chair, an initiative promoted by the University of Seville and Goya Spain to promote interdisciplinary teaching and research activities linked to the agri-food industry that allow the study of the reality, problems, and prospects for the development of new strategies and technologies in the field.

Directed by Amalia Luque, Professor of Engineering Projects at the University of Seville and based at the Polytechnic School, the “Goya Antonio Unanue” Chair is one of the three University-Company Chairs based at the Polytechnic School, University of Seville. As pointed out by the director, Goya’s response to this educational initiative has been very positive from the start: “We presented our proposal, and it was of great interest to them because it is an interesting stake for the development of industrial projects for the agri-food industry sector in general and olive oil in particular. They proposed that it should bear the name of the factory’s founder, Antonio Unanue, who in 1974 opted for quality production by optimising industrial processes.”, indicated Amalia Luque.

Conference Programme

The Goya Antonio Unanue Chair has envisaged a wide range of activities to promote the transfer of knowledge. The “Engineering Projects in Action Classroom Permanent Seminarprogrammed a series of conferences given by specialists from the industrial, research and business sectors related to the Chair’s scope. The first of these conferences, with the participation of Goya Spain’s Quality Director, Antonio Martín, was given by José Juan Gaforio Martínez, Professor of Immunology in the Department of Health Sciences at the University of Jaén and focused on the “Disparate impact of edible fats in the prevention of diseases: A case study on EVOO, sunflower oil and coconut oil”. Professor Antonio Madueño then gave a lecture on “Artificial vision and neural networks in the olive agroindustry”, while consultant Jorge Miguel Marqués focused on “Lean Manufacturing” for process improvement and saving energy in the agri-food industry.

Amalia Luque, director of the Antonio Unanue GOYA Chair, together with José Juan Gaforio, first of the speakers of the permanent seminar, Goya Spain’s quality managers and the coordinator of the Chair, Alejandro Carrasco.

Once the summer is over, the Sectorial Conference will take place at the Polytechnic School headquarters, which will include a conference given by a leading technologist and will allow the activities of the Chair and Goya España to be presented in an environment of special interest for attracting talent.

Academic Awards 2023

Business-university collaboration will also be supported by training and recognition of research, as well as attracting talent. The Chair promotes academic work related to processes in the agri-food industry, especially in the olive sector, and which are of use to Goya Spain.  “Furthermore, the Academic Awards of the Goya-Antonio Unanue Chair have been announced,” says Amalia Luque. “Applications for Dissertations and PhD theses categories will be open until 30 September 2023”.

Access to two base categories (spanish version)Tesis Doctorales y TFE .

In terms of attracting talent, the Chair will serve as a link between Goya Spain and the university. “Our students and graduates are highly specialised, which is undoubtedly an opportunity for the company, if needed. Specialists in the agri-food industry can optimise production processes,” concludes the Chair director. Consultations by mail: catedragoya@us.es

Chamber of Commerce of Seville

We recently received an institutional visit from the Chamber of Commerce of Seville

During the visit, Antonio Carrasco, general manager of Goya España showed the president of the Chamber, Francisco Herrero; its manager, Salvador Fernández; the president of FICA (Federation of Industrialists and Traders of Alcalá de Guadaíra), Carlos García and other members of this business federation, the facilities of our factory and the different projects we are working on.

After visiting our “2 in 1” olive and olive oil packaging factory and with a detailed explanation by our quality manager, Antonio Martín, the responsible of the Chamber of Commerce of Seville were able to learn about the economic expansion projects to be developed by Goya España.

The Chamber of Commerce of Seville “aims to represent, promote and defend the general interests of Commerce, Industry and Navigation, and to provide services to companies. Likewise, it is configured as a consultative and collaborative body with the Public Administrations, before which it presents itself as an institution that represents the general interests of the companies”.

2023 is turning out to be an amazing year for Goya olive oils. Of all the awards won, the Mario Solinas Quality Awards in the Packers Category for our premium GOYA® Unico oil is true recognition of Goya’s efforts. We bottle extra virgin olive oils produced from the best olives grown in southern Spain and bring flavor and tradition to consumers across five continents.

We are sharing some moments from the Mario Solinas Quality Awards ceremony, which took place at the International Olive Council’s headquarters. The Mario Solinas Quality Award was collected by Bob Unanue, President and CEO of Goya Foods, who was accompanied by Goya Europe’s Director, Elías Picado, Goya Spain’s General Manager, Antonio Carrasco, and Quality and Export Managers, Antonio Martín, and Philippe Parouty.

Thanks to the IOC for their hard work in promoting EVOOs and a huge well done to everyone who took part. We would also like to say congratulations to the great Goya family for their unquestionable dedication to packaging “Our Masterpiece”.

Complete award ceremony (english version)

Goya extra virgin olive oils were once again certified with the Monde Selection quality label. The jury of the 62nd edition of these prizes awarded gold quality labels to GOYA® Unico and Organics and silver to Robusto and Extra Virgin. As a seal of excellence, Monde Selection has become the quality benchmark for consumers. This is confirmed by the director of the award, Louis Poot Baudier: “When consumers see the label of the Monde Selection Quality Award, they have confirmation and certainty that they have chosen the very best in its class.

About Monde Selection

Monde Selection is the leading quality institute for consumer products in the world. Founded in Belgium in 1961, the institute has become one of the benchmark authorities in evaluating and certifying the quality of consumer products based both on sensory and scientific parameters. Each year, over 3000 products from throughout the world are submitted to the Monde Selection Quality Awards.

A professional jury of experts appointed by Monde Selection are in charge of tasting and examining Goya oils in a rigorous evaluation process. The jury is made up of independent international experts on the topic, such as chefs with Michelin stars, Euro-Toques, members of the Belgian Mastercooks and specialist food critics.

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