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Goya Extra Virgin Olive Oils, awarded in Zurich

We continue to share the awards won by Goya oils. The University of Zurich has awarded a total of four prizes to GOYA® Unico, Organics, Robusto and Goya extra virgin olive oil in the 2024 edition of its Olive Oil Awards.

As in the 2023 editionGOYA® Unico retained its gold medal. Organics and Robusto won bronze medals and GOYA® Extra Virgin was once again among the oils most valued by consumers, winning the “Olio” award from the public.

The 2024 edition of the University of Zurich awards was attended by 102 samples from countries such as Spain, Italy, Portugal and Greece, Albania, Japan, Croatia, Tunisia and Turkey.

Considered one of the leading oil competitions in Europe, the Zurich Olive Oil Awards began in 2002, organized by a group of tasters from the Food and Beverage Institute of the University of Zurich. Every year, the taste of the participating olive oils provides an interesting and comprehensive insight into the consumer’s expectations of extra virgin olive oils and the actual sensory quality of olive oil on the market.

The objective is to develop a continuous research on the quality of each product category related to olive oil, to provide effective information to participants in olive oil competitions and/or olive oil producers on the sensory properties of the oils, and even to enhance the transparency of the olive oil market for consumers.

Congratulations to all the winners

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