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Esao Awards

Goya EVOO, first prize for best packer/trader EVOO at the ESAO Awards 2024

The Escuela Superior del Aceite de Oliva (ESAO) has announced the winners and finalists of its official awards, the ESAO Awards, which aim to serve as a benchmark for marketers, producers, packers and cooperatives.

In this eighth edition, Goya EVOOs have been recognized a total of 2 awards and 3 mentions as finalists.

In the category of “Best EVOO Packer/Trader”GOYA® Extra Virgin Olive Oil ranked 1st prize, followed by GOYA® Organics, which ranked 2nd prize. GOYA® Unico was a finalist.

In addition to these awards, GOYA® Garlic and GOYA® Truffle flavored oils are finalists in the “Best Olive Oil Seasoning” category.

Goya Olive Oils

Goya Extra Virgin Olive Oils GOYA® Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made from completely healthy olives that have no defects. At the GOYA Spain factory in Seville, more than 2,000 samples of extra virgin olive oil produced from the best raw material, olives from Andalusia, one of the world’s leading olive oil producing regions, are tasted each year. From these samples, Goya selects the highest quality ones with which the coupages are created, achieving the different personalities of the oils to cover all consumer uses.

Goya España currently exports four extra virgin olive oils: GOYA® Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Unico, Organics and Robusto.

Each of these EVOOs has its own organoleptic characteristics, its personality for different uses, which has led them to obtain more than 300 international awards. GOYA® Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the most versatile oil due to its aromatic complexity between green and ripe fruitiness and its balance between spiciness and bitterness, unlike the other three, which are green fruity. The green fruity group includes GOYA® Robusto (intense green fruitiness) and GOYA® Unico and Organics, Goya’s Premium AOVEs, which stand out, among other qualities, for their great complexity of aromatic nuances.

The 7th edition of the ESAO Awards is characterized by the outstanding quality of the oils presented. This was confirmed by the technical director of ESAO and responsible for the awards, Susana Romera, who thanked the sector for its commitment to the excellence of Extra Virgin Olive Oils.

The ESAO Awards represent an important economic and social boost for the oil industry. As ESAO’s executive director, Marta González, highlights, “these awards provide producers, cooperatives and packers with a platform to promote their products nationally and internationally, which can result in increased sales and commercial opportunities. In addition, by promoting quality and innovation, the ESAO Awards contribute to the sustainable development and global promotion of the olive sector.”

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