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Goya Chair sponsors the publication of new research

One of the pillars of the Goya Chair focuses on promoting research in the agri-food industry. Thus, after sponsoring publications on predictive maintenance of equipment (from refrigeration units to conveyor belts) and production in the wine sector, the Goya Chair has sponsored the research “Design of intelligent modular children’s furniture”. From an eco-design perspective, the work, published in the journal DYNA, addresses the design of children’s furniture, an intelligent cradle, which adjusts to the needs of the first stage of life, including sensors and components that improve the baby’s rest, and which, in turn, incorporates modularity in its design to be able to adapt to the following stages of the child up to 12 years of age.

The second publication sponsored by the Goya Chair studies the expected quality of nougat as a function of the shape and color of the package by means of an ANOVA analysis. A survey was carried out among 122 participants from Spain and Mexico. The main conclusion is that a package with a combination of three shapes (rectangle, square and triangle) and colors (yellow, orange and red) increases the emotions of admiration, satisfaction, pleasant surprise, attraction, fascination and joy of consumers.

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