Spanish Chicken and Yellow Rice Recipe!

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Rice with chicken is the ideal dish to eat well and healthy. Once you cook it for the first time, it will become a fixed reference in the family menu, due to its high nutritional level. Although we can choose any part of the chicken, if you choose the chicken breast, you will conquer children at home. Served as a unique dish, rice with chicken needs no accompaniments, although a fresh salad doesn´t hurt either.


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of ecological chicken breast
of rice
30fl oz
of chicken broth
cloves of garlic
of green pepper
of red pepper
85fl oz
white wine
Salt and round black pepper
Extra Virgin Olive OilExtra Virgin Olive Oil

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A teaspoon of saffron
A teaspoon of sweet pepper


Kitchen view
We will cut the chicken breast into strips, seasoning it and then we will add it using extra virgin olive oil. We will withdraw and reserve.
Peel the garlic cloves and finely chop them. We will fry them with extra virgin olive oil. Once golden brown, add peppers, tomato and wine.
When the wine evaporates, we will add two tablespoons of our alcaparrado, the rice and we´ll stir. Finally, we will add the chicken, three glasses of the chicken broth and raise the heat to the maximum. We will reserve the rest of the broth.
We will put the chicken all over the pot with the help of a wooden spoon. When boiling the broth, we will count three minutes. Rectify the salt and add saffron and sweet paprika.
Once the three minutes have passed, we lower the temperature to medium heat and we´ll cook the rice with chicken. If the rice stays dry, we will add the broth that we have reserved little by little.
Once the cooking time is over, we will remove the rice from the heat, cover with a clean cloth and let it rest for five minutes before serving.

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