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Cata de aceite del director de calidad de Goya España

Goya Spain brings extra virgin olive oil to Puerto Rico

Make known the benefits of extra virgin olive oil as a basis of the Mediterranean Diet. This is one of the objectives of the recent visit that Goya Spain management has made to Goya Puerto Rico. During this visit, the general manager, Antonio Carrasco, together with the Quality Director, Antonio Martín, organized a tasting course for clients and specialized press.

The visit of Goya Spain was collected by different local media. One of them was El Nuevo Día, interviewed the CEO of Goya Spain.

Antonio Carrasco called attention to the “increase in the consumption of extra virgin olive oil, due to the benefits it offers to health”. “All olive oils have the same nutritional value, although polyphenols and antioxidants have only the extra virgin that is the natural juice of the olive and the one with the highest quality,” said Antonio Carrasco.

Likewise, the general manager of Goya Spain announced the launch in this year of Goya Extra Virgin Olive Oil “Robusto”, which together with “Unico” and “Organics”, completes the family of premium extra virgin olive oil.

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