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Gazpacho summer star product

Gazpacho, our Summer Star product

Did you know that a glass of gazpacho contains many ingredients of the Mediterranean Diet and Spanish cuisine? Made with tomato, garlic, cucumber, extra virgin olive oil, vinegar and salt, gazpacho can be consumed as a refreshing drink or an appetizer.

Its flavor is strong and can stimulate anyone’s senses. Because of this, and because summer will be a long one, it is our recommendation of the day.

However, if you are short on time, a good option is pre-packaged gazpacho, such as our Goya Gazpacho. Made with the best ingredients, Goya gazpacho is made with fresh vegetables grown in Spain: tasty tomatoes ripened in the sun, refreshing cucumbers and delicious peppers, the unmistakable flavor of our garlic, all emulsified with our Único olive oil, vinegar and salt.

Ready to drink, Goya gazpacho is ideal for consuming with a garnish, as a base for sauces for aperitifs, and on bread and toast. Don’t forget to enjoy it cold.

Now you have now excuses – why wait any longer to enjoy summer with our gazpacho?

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