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Alimentación infantil saludable | healthy child food

8 tips for taking care of children’s nutrition during the school year!

With the school year, our children’s nutrition becomes a matter we must not overlook. In addition to this, there is a growing increase in child obesity, caused by two key factors: ultra-processed foods with too much sugar and a sedentary lifestyle caused by digital life.

Therefore, today we offer you 8 tips that will help you control the nutrition of your children, providing them a healthy, balanced diet to help them face their days of study and exercise with energy. Here they are:

1. Rediscover the Mediterranean Diet.

The Mediterranean Diet includes all nutrients that the child needs for their growth. Additionally, water must always be their source of hydration.

2. Ensure that they eat 5 times per day.

With a proper distribution of calorie intake divided between breakfast, midmorning snack, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner.

3. Avoid fatty foods which are not nourishing.

Fried foods, pastries, sweets and snacks must be an exception, as they contain excessive sugar, saturated fat and salt, in addition to not providing micronutrients. This is also the case with fast food.

4. Eat as a family.

By organizing schedules to be able to eat together at least once per day, and above all, at the table, away from mobile phones and the television. Children’s and adults’ attention should be on the food and who is sitting at the table.

5. Take children shopping.

It’s good to ask for their help in making the list, and once at the supermarket, to put them in charge of some of it.

6. Prepare food in different ways.

By alternating between roast, boiled and grilled foods, stews and even raw foods such as gazpachos and salads, we guarantee that food becomes a varied habit.

7. Active movement.

Along with proper nutrition, it is important for children to exercise and reduce the hours they spend in front of the television and videogames.

8. Proper rest.

Children from 6 to 12 years old should sleep from 9 to 12 hours per day, as this is also a good way to combat excess weight.

These 8 tips are easy to follow.
If you apply them correctly, you will have your children’s nutrition under control with meals which are much more organized, while at the same time improving the daily diet of the whole family.

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