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The best ideas for Antipasti!

The best ideas for Antipasti!

Antipasti, which literally means “before the meal” is one of the most renowned elements of Italian cuisine. Similar to French hors d’oeuvres and Spanish tapas, antipasti consists of the combination of small snacks served with a glass of wine, with the main objective of whetting our appetite for the delicacies to be served.

Today we suggest beginning your lunch or dinner Italian style. Follow these recommendations and you will win over your family and friends.

Cheese antipasti1. Cheeses.

Offer a variety of types of cheese with different textures, made with different kinds of milk.

2. Charcuterie.

To make them easier to take from the plate, we can serve slices of ham and cured meats in rolls.

3. Pickles and preserves.

Among these, we can highlight a selection of olives, dried fig tart, roasted peppers, artichokes and tomatoes.

food antipasti4. Bread.

Serve your tray of antipasti with bread with seeds and nuts, salted crackers and crispy crostini as a base for the different foods.

5. Organize your table to make it more attractive for your guests.

For example, you can drizzle some slices of cheese with honey and serve cured meats with pepper jam. Additionally, you can add fresh vegetables, edible flowers and berries to decorate the antipasti dish.

6. Preparation.

For greater convenience, you can prepare your antipasti in advance and keep it cold. Allow it to return to room temperature for 30 minutes to enhance the flavor of the cheese.

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