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Our Monde Selection quality labels are renewed

Goya extra virgin olive oils were once again certified with the Monde Selection quality label. The jury of the 62nd edition of these prizes awarded gold quality labels to GOYA® Unico and Organics and silver to Robusto and Extra Virgin. As a seal of excellence, Monde Selection has become the quality benchmark for consumers. This is confirmed by the director of the award, Louis Poot Baudier: “When consumers see the label of the Monde Selection Quality Award, they have confirmation and certainty that they have chosen the very best in its class.

About Monde Selection

Monde Selection is the leading quality institute for consumer products in the world. Founded in Belgium in 1961, the institute has become one of the benchmark authorities in evaluating and certifying the quality of consumer products based both on sensory and scientific parameters. Each year, over 3000 products from throughout the world are submitted to the Monde Selection Quality Awards.

A professional jury of experts appointed by Monde Selection are in charge of tasting and examining Goya oils in a rigorous evaluation process. The jury is made up of independent international experts on the topic, such as chefs with Michelin stars, Euro-Toques, members of the Belgian Mastercooks and specialist food critics.

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