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How are olives harvested?

Harvesting olives for oil is a very important task. It affects the quality and production of the olive oil. Different methods of harvesting olives for oil, which can be manual or mechanical, are used to obtain the raw material with which to produce the best quality aoves. Here we will show you the different olive harvesting methods as highlighted by our supplier, Almazaras de la Subbética.

  • Extraction: The olives are picked from the tree by hand, one by one. This avoids damaging the olives. This can be done manually or with a rake. This is the technique used to harvest table olives. It does not cause any damage and is used to produce high quality oils.
  • Harvesting: The olives are picked from the tree by beating them with a stick to remove them. It is the most damaging to the tree and the fruit, but it is the best known and most widespread method. A long stick is used to beat and bend the branches of the olive tree. Although in the past it was the most common way of harvesting olives, today it is not used as much as in the past because it leads to breaking of the olive branches, which has a negative effect on the next harvest.
  • Shaking or vibrating: By shaking the trunk or branch of the olive tree, the olives come off the tree. This reduces damage with respect to the combing system.
  • Collecting from the ground: The olives are harvested from the ground, either by hand or with the help of machines. This method is used when the olives have fallen from the tree in a natural way, due to the ripening process or to the wind. This is the easiest and most economical method. However, it also produces the poorest quality oils.

Quality production

By observing the color and texture of the fruit, which changes according to its ripeness, you can tell if the olive is ready to be harvested. Each state has certain characteristics and properties that will influence the flavor and aroma of the oil.

This is the origin of our EVOOs. Our suppliers collect the raw material with the most careful care to produce extra virgin olive oils of the highest quality that Goya bottles and exports to markets in the five continents.

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