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2019 TotalSocial MOST LOVED BRANDS

GOYA, in the Top 10 of the Most Loved brands in the USA

Brand evangelism is a reference for manufacturers and companies. So that consumers make their friends and family  to buy certain products when they recommend and speak positively about the brands they love.

From this base, the company Engagement Labs has created The Most Loved Award given to brands with the highest net sentiment scores online and offline in 2018, where Goya was chosen as the second most loved food brand in the United States and placed among the Top 10 of the most loved brands in the country.

In the ranking of these awards, Engagement Labs has used the TotalSocial® analysis and data platform. This tool measures the social metrics on and off line that are tested for business performance. These metrics assess aspects such as the net feeling (the difference in the percentage of positive conversations less negative about the brand), the brand exchange (the extent to which people share or talk about the marketing or advertising of a brand), volume (a measure of how many conversations mention a brand) and influence (the extent to which an influential audience is talking about a brand).

“Becoming a beloved and enthusiastically recommended brand involves connecting with consumers through purpose-driven storytelling, delivering great experiences, and refreshing the connection through innovative marketing and advertising,” said Ed Keller, CEO of Engagement Labs.

The award obtained by Goya reinforces the closeness that the brand has with consumers who rely on it for their food. This award is added to others already achieved as a food brand most valued by American consumers or as the most beloved brand in Puerto Rico.

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