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World Olive Day 2021- Día Mundial del Olivo

Celebrating our origin, “World Olive Day”

Since UNESCO approved it in 2019, every November 26, we celebrate “World Olive Day”.

On this day, we recognize the value of the most widespread tree plant in the world and the symbols that the olive branch embodies: from the character of victory in ancient Greece to the symbol of peace and hope in the Catholic religion. In Greek mythology, the history of Athens’s founding was associated with the olive tree’s fruit as a symbol of longevity, wisdom, and fertility.

Presently, the olive tree needs to be protected. Its cultivation not only prevents soil erosion but also reduces desertification and slows, in a certain way, CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, slowing down the effects of climate change.

Let´s celebrate World Olive Day

From Goya Spain, we join the celebration of this day, and for this, we can think of nothing better than consuming the olive fruit “juice”, our Goya olive oil.

You will find an olive oil for each recipe you want to cook and create.

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