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Outdoor activities | actividades al aire libre

5 great outdoor activities for beginners!

Physical activity combined with a balanced diet are two essential aspects of a healthy lifestyle. If you are thinking of taking advantage of the summer for exercise, today we want to suggest the best outdoor activities. You will improve your health, while enjoying being in contact with nature.

Best of all, you can enjoy them alone or with others. Let’s begin!

1. Running

This sport can be carried out anywhere: a park, the streets, a seafront promenade – anywhere is perfect for this outdoor sport. Additionally, it requires no investment, just comfortable clothing and good running shoes, and you’re ready!

2. Cycling

Cycling is one of the sports we practiced as children without even thinking that it was an ideal exercise for joints and muscles. It is one of those skills you never forget.

Cycling outdoors allows muscles and resistance to be strengthened and worked on in different terrains, enjoying nature and fresh air.

Additionally, it is a sport which lends itself to be practiced in a group, creating routes and even using the bicycle as a means of transport, while always wearing a helmet to stay safe.

3. Skating

To skate, you will need to invest in good skates and protective gear, as well as finding terrain which allows them to roll easily. However, this is increasingly easy as a growing number of cities are setting up areas for skating or bicycle lanes, where you can also skate.

4. Swimming

If you live in a beach area, forget enclosed and heated swimming pools and dive into the sea! Enjoy nature, the outdoors and the great benefits of salt water for your body.

5. Hiking

Hiking is one of the activities which provides training and exercise to the whole body. The essential sporting equipment is footwear which must be adapted to the characteristics of the selected terrain.

These are our suggestions. Remember that in many parks you can find machines for doing similar exercises to those of the gym for strengthening your muscles.

Whatever you decide, combine it with a balanced diet to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Do you know which you will try?

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