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Cooking with Goya Olive Oils

20 cooking techniques with hot olive oil!

Along with our post about cooking techniques with raw olive oil oil, we share the main culinary techniques with hot olive oil.

We usually associate hot olive oil with frying, but, as Firo Vázquez says in the GastrOleum app, we can use hot olive oil in many different ways.

These are the 20 cooking techniques with hot olive oil:

1. Marinating:

Soak meat or fish in a mix of spices, extra virgin olive oil, brandy … for a short or long time.

2. Smoking:

Expose food to olive wood smoke in order to give it aromas and flavors.

3. Roasting:

Cook meat, chicken or fish greased with olive oil, exposing it to the heat of a fire, oven or grill, with or without skewers.

4. Braising:

Barbecue-braising food greased with olive oil on embers that can be olive firewood.

5. Heating:

Increase the temperature of the olive oil above 30 ºC.

6. Searing:

Grill food with hot olive oil create a crust.

7. Cooking:

Cooking technique that uses heat where food becomes more tasty and appetizing, in addition to increasing its preservation.

8. Confit:

Cook raw foods soaked in olive oil at a very low temperature in order to obtain a softer and gelatinous texture.

9. Browning:

Externally color food by sautéing or frying in olive oil, increasing its flavor.

10. Escabeche:

Cook food for a prolonged period in a broth consisting of a mixture of extra virgin olive oil, vinegar, wine and spices.

11. Frying:

Cook food by rapid immersion in extra virgin olive oil at 180ºC or more. Picual olive oil is the one that best resists high temperatures. Thus, reverse searing consists of cooking food rapidly by pouring oil heated to a temperature of 180 ºC or higher.

12. Stewing:

Combine two cooking techniques that can be used separately, sautéed and boiled or roasted in liquid.

13. Baking:

Baking dough made with olive oil in oven, by means of dry heat.

14. Infusing:

Extract the soluble substances of olives or its byproducts through hot water, not boiling.

15. Poaching:

Gently cook food in extra virgin olive oil by gently bringing it to a boil, aromatizing the oil with the food juices.

16. Burning:

Heat olive oil until it smokes. This implies the loss of its aromas, the proliferation of toxicity and the appearance of unpleasant odors and tastes.

17. Batter:

Completely soak in or cover food with olive oil.

18. Stir-frying:

Cook a food in its own juice, accompanied by a small amount of extra virgin olive oil and at a very low temperature.

19. Sautéing:

Technique in which food is cooked in olive oil at a high temperature for a very short time.

20. Sweating:

Cook one or several vegetables slowly in extra virgin olive oil, often chopped, so that they release water, and concentrate their juices in the oil.

Now, you have the right cooking tips to use with extra virgin olive oil. Dare become a cook and surprise your loved ones with appetizing dishes! So, hands to work!

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