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The Galician octopus or octopus a feira is one of the typical dishes of Galician cuisine. Today we will turn our kitchen into a Pulperia to cook our Galician octopus in a traditional way. In order to make a tenderer octopus, we recommend freezing it for 24 hours and defrosting it a few hours before cooking.


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bay leaves
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of sweet paprika


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First, defrost the previously frozen octopus so that it softens.
Then, cook it in a pot with boiling water to which we will add the bay leaves and the small peeled onion. Dip in and gently remove the octopus from the pot three or four times.
Cooking time begins. The amount of time is 30 minutes for each 2,2 lb of octopus, so in this case only half an hour will be necessary.
After that, remove the octopus and cook the peeled potatoes in the cooking water. Hence, the intense flavor and color of the octopus will impregnate potatoes.
While the potatoes are cooking, slice the octopus using scissors.
Finally, you can plate your food by making a base with the potato slices and the octopus slices on top of it. Then, season it with sweet paprika and sprinkle a good splash of extra virgin olive oil and voilà! Bon appétit!

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